A dynamic cooperative where members have a fair sharing of resources, economic and social justice.

C- Customer Oriented

ASCCO does its best to be a customer-oriented Cooperative.

A - Affilliates

ASCCO participates in the activities conducted by its unions and federations where ASCCO is a member.

R -Responsibility

The very core value that every ASCCO member should possess in the stewardship of the cooperative.

E -Environment

As part of its social responsibility, ASCCO gives back to the community thru project funding and other environmental awareness programs.

S -Society

Thru its social services, ASCCO continues to connect with the residents of the community where it operates.

Our History

November 06, 1965– Marks the beginning of the history of ASCCO, when 15 incorporators and 17 initial members established the then called All Saints Credit Cooperative Union.

December 06, 1965– ASCCU’s registration with the now defunct Cooperative Administration Office, with an initial capital of Php 518.00.

June 18, 1966– The division of the old Mountain Province, which caused disruption in ASCCU’s operation, which finally led to the stopping of its operation in the following year.

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