November 06, 1965– Marks the beginning of the history of ASCCO, when 15 incorporators and 17 initial members established the then called All Saints Credit Cooperative Union.

December 06, 1965– ASCCU’s registration with the now defunct Cooperative Administration Office, with an initial capital of Php 518.00.

June 18, 1966– The division of the old Mountain Province, which caused disruption in ASCCU’s operation, which finally led to the stopping of its operation in the following year.

1967– Fr. Ricardo Deleso and few remaining members courageously restarted the operation of the Cooperative, and soon enough, ASCCO’s growth had flourished and became steady.

July 08, 1977– The Cooperative has been registered as a full-pledged Cooperative at the Bureau of Cooperative Development under the name “All Saints’ Kilusang Bayan for Credit, Inc.” The name ALL SAINT’S CREDIT COOPERATIVE was proposed during the 1997 General Assembly, and was approved by the Cooperative Development Authority on May 14, 1997.

May 18, 1994– Fr. Deleso, the very first manager of the Cooperative, died, and was succeeded by Mr. Patrick Songuitan, and served the Cooperative for nearly 20 years. It was during those years that the Coop was recognized and acknowledged  as one of the Millionaire Cooperative in the province.

July 2013– Mr. Patrick Songuitan joined the creator, and the BOD appointed Ms. Salome Changat as OIC for 3 months from October to December 2013. She initiated the AMNESTY PROGRAM of the Cooperative, and implemented several improvements while acting as a manager.

March 01, 2014– Ms. Ann  Kamsawen was hired as the new manager of the Cooperative. One of the biggest changes that has been implemented is the adoption of a computerized system, which until now the cooperative is using.

2016—the name All Saint’s Credit Cooperative was changed to All Saints Credit Cooperative through a 2016-general assembly and confirmed by the CDA.


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